Local youth public organization “M’ART” (Youth alternative)

NGO "MART" (Ukrainian МАРТ, a former City YouthNon-Governmental Organization Youth Alternative or City Youth Non-Governmental Organization "M’ART").

Non-Governmental Organization "MART" was established in 1998, but it was registered as a legal entity on April 14, 1999. The founders of the organization were young teachers and students of Chernihiv secondary schools and higher educational establishments. In 2014,in obedience to the legislation in force, the organization changed its charter, the name and structure of the management board.

MART is a non-political non-profit organization, focusing on civil society development, as well as human rights education, monitoring of human rights observance,public interests advocacy through mechanisms of human rights protection.MARTsupports and protects the victims of human rights abuse and helps them to obtain justice.It spreads information on human rights observance and facilitates civil society organizations by means of expert and resource support, teaching and partnership in public interests protection work.

The current name of organization includes:

M – monitoring

A – activity

R – results

T – team spirit

At the local level NGO "MART" provides initial legal aid to any applicant, holds campaigns and activitiesthat aim at achieving its goals in the confines ofhuman rights observance.

At the national level MART’s top priority is protection of the rights of children and physically challenged people, as well as advocacy of the rights to which people are entitled, in particular the right to education.


We are a society of activists who act together to protect human rights and basic freedoms of such vulnerable groups aschildren, persons with disabilities and ethnic minorities.


1.        Civil legal aid (strategic litigation, legal advice);

2.        Human rights education (informal education, influence on official education, promotion of all-Ukrainian educational program "Understanding human right" and "Human rights educational house - Chernigiv");

3.        Monitoring of human rights observance;

4.        Advocacy campaigns.


1.        Victims of human rights abuse, specifically members of such vulnerable groups as children, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities etc.;

2.        Victims of labour rights violation;

3.        Public activists;

4.        Civil society rganizations;

5.        Governmental and municipal authorities.


1.        Recognition of the value of human dignity, freedom, universal human rights, rule of law in civil society and democratic state.

2.        Awareness of the responsibility for protection of freedom, promotion of a human society founded on respect for human life and dignity.

3.        Commitment to the ideals and principles vested in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, humanitarian provisions of the Final Act of the Helsinki Accords and other international legal texts adopted on their basis, in which requirements of the civilization are embodied.


1.        Human rights in educational institutions.

2.        Human rights in health care facilities for children.

3.        Human Rights Educational Center.

4.        Civic Education and Human Rights.

5.        Involving young people in the decision-makingprocess at the local level.

6.        Support of Belarusian non-governmental human rights organizations.

7.        All-Ukrainian educational program "Understanding human rights".

8.        Human rights documentary video classes.


14000, Chernihiv, Pyatnitskaya st. 39, 700-703

(0462) 77-41-10


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