MIA working group to monitor conditions for Russian asylum seeker

source: www.pravda.com.ua

A Ministry of Internal Affairs working group has been sent to the Vinnytsa region to check that the rights of Russian national Mikhail Gangan who is being held in a Ukrainian remand centre [SIZO] are observed.

According to a report issued by the Public Liaison Department, in implementation of instructions from the Minister Yury Lutsenko, the group of MIA specialists arrived in the Vinnytsa region on 11 January where they are to check that Ukrainian legislation and international standards are being observed with regard to Mikhail Gangan who was remanded in custody by a Vinnytsa district court.  The working group includes the Minister‚Äôs Adviser Kateryna Levchenko, as well as members of the Department for International Liaison and the department dealing with MIA personnel.

As reported here, Mikhail Gangan has been in custody since 31 December 2007, after being detained in a joint operation between the Ukrainian MIA and the Russian Security Service.  The Russian authorities had put him on the international wanted list and he faces likely imprisonment which human rights activists both in Ukraine and Russia, as well as Russian opposition figures believe is punishment for his peaceful non-violent opposition to the present regime.  Gangan was one of the organizers of the March of those in dissent [Marsh niesoglashnykh] movement in Samara.  The 21-year-old is an active member of the National Bolshevik Party which is banned in Russia.  He has applied for asylum in Ukraine. 

Ukraine‚Äôs Minister of Internal Affairs has stressed that extradition procedure in response to a request from Russia is not possible since Gangan‚Äôs application for asylum is in process. 



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