The Strategic Litigations Fund

The Strategic Litigations Fund was created so that UHHRU could provide qualified legal assistance to victims of rights abuse in cases which have strategic importance.

By this is meant cases which change administrative or court practice, legislation or are aimed at protecting rights and freedoms where their violation is of a widespread or flagrant nature.

Legal assistance can be in the form of written or verbal consultations, in helping to draw up documents, as well as providing representation in courts or bodies of power, or international bodies. Support for such cases can also be via other methods, for example, research, large-scale peaceful events; circulating information in the media, and other forms of campaigning in defence of rights violated.

UHHRU can pay in full or part for legal services if these are not provided free of charge. Victims of rights abuse or others can make solidarity contributions to such legal aid.

The Fund functions in accordance with Regulations


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