Our projects

UHHRU is engaged in the following main areas of work:

Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in courts, the authorities and bodies of local self-government;

Providing legal assistance to people in defending their rights;

Ongoing monitoring of human rights observance in Ukraine and informing the public about human rights abuse;

Human rights research, including regular monitoring of draft laws and legal acts, as well as preparing and lobbying our own legislative initiatives.

Resisting the adoption of normative acts which could worsen human rights safeguards; public discussion of draft normative acts, preparation of our own


Human rights awareness raising and educational measures and campaigns, including seminars, training courses and conferences;

Developing and providing support for a network of human rights organizations.


Human Rights in Action Program

Project "Human Rights First"

Public advice centres

Human rights reports and studies

Forum of Human Rights Organizations

Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays.UA

Annual UHHRU Anti-Award “Thistle of the Year”

Human rights education

The Strategic Litigations Fund


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