Results of a Study on the Activities of Political Parties and Blocs in the Area of Human Rights since the Elections” – Press statement

At a press conference held on Wednesday 20 December, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union presented the results of their analysis of the legislative activities and implementation of pre-election manifestos of the different parties and blocs from March to November 2006. These have been collected in a book “The Activities of political parties and blocs in the area of human rights since the elections”.


Appeal from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union concerning Reform of the System of Social Subsidies

The UHHRU recognizes the need to increase tariffs on housing and communal services, but must note that these tariffs are not established in a transparent fashion, and the quality of the services in many cities meets no recognized standards. It has, however, also failed to prepare the necessary protection for poorer Ukrainians


The information is there, just not the access to it - Press release


Human rights are differently protected in the West and the East of the country - Press release


The Constitutional system is in jeopardy without the Constitutional Court


Human Rights in Ukraine: One Year After The “Orange Revolution”


“100 days of the new government through the prism of human rights” – appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

The first three months of activity of the new government in Ukraine give a possibility to analyze the main tendencies on development of situation in Ukraine, including human rights. Three months ago we addressed the President of Ukraine with a letter where we stated the position of human rights organizations regarding the changes and reforms which are to be accomplished to minimize violations of human rights in Ukraine. Actually, no one of our proposals was taken into consideration in full.


Guaranteeing human rights should be priority of newly elected Ukrainian President


Appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights

The Presidential election campaign, which is under way in Ukraine, is mired with grave violations of the fundamental human rights and basic freedoms. The recent events demonstrate that the Ukrainian authorities have resumed persecution of independently minded people, using law-enforcement agencies as a tool of the political struggle.


Accountability Needed in the Aftermath of Ukrainian Elections


“Brutal Violations of Human Rights and the Election Law” in Ukraine


Violations of international standards have increased ahead of 31 October 2004 Presidential Elections


Appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights about the events in Sumy

The Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights is extremely worried with recent events in Sumy. We want to point out that expression by people of any political views in a peaceful way is a fundamental value of a democratic state, and the state must do its best for the creation of proper conditions for this, no matter whether these views are oppositional or pro-power.

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