This book considers the human rights situation in Ukraine during 2007, it is based on studies by various non-governmental human rights organizations and specialists in this area. Each unit concen- trates on identifying and analysing violations of specific rights in this period, as well as discussing any positive moves which were made in protecting the given rights. Current legislation which encourages infringements of rights and freedoms is also analyzed, together with draft laws which could change the situation. The conclusions of the research contain recommendations for eliminating the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms and improving the overall situation (PDF-file)


Overview of violations of rights and freedoms in 2007

1. The Right to life

2. Protection from torture and other forms of ill-treatment

3. The right to liberty and security

4. The Right to a Fair Trial

5. The Right to Privacy

6. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

7. The Right of access to information

8. Freedom of expression

9. Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

10. Freedom of association

11. Freedom of movement and place of residence

12. Some aspects of the right to protection from discrimination and the struggle against racism and xenophobia

13. The Right to free elections and to participate in referendums

14. Property rights

15. Socio-economic rights

16. The right to education

17. The right to healthcare

18. Environmental rights

19. Domestic violence as a violation of human rights

20. The main human rights violations linked with human trafficking

21. The Rights of people with disabilities

22. Prisoners’ rights

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