Statement addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the need to resolve issues with official residential registration of Ukrainians who had to leave Crimea

Due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine and annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea a large number of Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave their habitual residence in Crimea.


Open letter to the member of Bundestag Heinrich Gysi

Having attentively listened to your speech in the Bundestag concerning the issues of understanding of Ukrainian events, I would like to point out that it impressed me deeply. While addressing deputies of the Bundestag and Ms. Chancellor, you admitted a number of inaccuracies that completely distorted the picture of what is going on in our country now.


Kherson prosecutor’s office ‘picked on’ free legal aid center

Reading prosecutor’s request one may assume that complaints against state agencies have to be prepared by exactly the same state agencies, against which people want to complain.


The European Court of Human Rights brought up the issue of Russia’s responsibility for abducting people on Ukrainian territory

The European Court of Human Rights passed over to Russian and Ukrainian governments a complaint by Ratyre Rakhno concerning abduction of her husband, which she submitted to the court on March 10, 2014. The complaint was lodged against Russia and Ukraine due to the fact that Russia effectively controls the territory of the Crimean peninsula, and some adjacent areas.


Statement by the UHHRU on the draft law ‘On restoring credibility of the judicial system of Ukraine’

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union calls on to postpone the parliamentary review of the draft law ‘On restoring credibility of the judicial system of Ukraine’ until it will be thoroughly analyzed by professionals and appropriate civil society organizations.


The Supreme Court of Ukraine has closed the Vyerentsov’s case

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Ukraine finally restored justice in the case of Olexiy Vyerentsov and ruled that the police and courts violated his right to freedom of peaceful assembly. However, it took three years and a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights to do so.


Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union resumes its cooperation with the authorities

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union informs that according to its Board’s decision of February 27, 2014 the Union resumes its cooperation with state authorities and local self-governments in Ukraine.


Human Rights Crisis in Ukraine

Side-event at the 25th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council session aiming at highlighting the need to ensure accountability for human rights violations in Ukraine.


The OSCE Should Act Decisively and Swiftly to Stop Intervention into Ukraine and Prevent a Major Security Crisis in Europe

The Civic Solidarity Platform, an OSCE-wide network of 60 leading NGOs, is witnessing with dismay and shock the unfolding developments in the Crimea region of Ukraine. De-facto military intervention by an OSCE participating State into the territory of another OSCE participating State is a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of that state, which could develop into a full-scale military conflict and cause great suffering and loss of life. It is also a blatant challenge to the spirit and letter of the Helsinki Final Act that undermines the entire system of international security and cooperation.


UHHRU: Russia is deliberately destroying the foundations of the constitutional order of our state and is inflicting an irreparable harm upon the rights and freedoms of all citizens, everyone living now in Ukraine

We appeal to our colleagues, human rights activists, and the international community, to Russian intelligentsia, to the entire Russian society – to not allow the escalation of armed hostilities fraught with a large scale military conflict in the center of Europe. The lives of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers and the civilian populations should not be sacrificed for the sake of crazy ambitions of politicians.


UHHRU’s statement on attempts to remove the current Ombudsperson from office

In view of attempts to remove the current Ombudsperson from office for dubious reasons, we, human rights organizations that actively participated in the events of November 2013 - February 2014 make a statement regarding inadmissibility to apply the principle of political expediency in human rights area. This area, under any circumstances, should remain beyond politics and free from any political influence.


Statement by human rights organizations on the need to urgently investigate cases of human rights violations that occurred during Euromaidan rallies

Ukraine and international community were shocked by the massive human rights violations that occurred during the Euromaidan rallies.


Night thoughts about the President

Be afraid because your fear is justified. Live in fear, because there is something to be afraid of – the payback for all that you have done is coming.


Social and economic rights of Ukrainians will be protected at international level

If anyone asks, ‘What rights are violated most frequently in Ukraine?’ experts will answer in one voice: ‘Social and economic rights.’ Every day, many people approach human rights organizations asking for advice and assistance in restoring their labor and employment rights, recalculating their pensions, obtaining benefits, etc.


UHHRU calls on the Government of the French Republic to investigate an assault on Ukrainian human rights activist

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is deeply concerned to point out that in the evening of February 10, 2014 Ukrainian human rights activist Andriy Fedosov who received political asylum and currently resides in France was brutally assaulted.

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