Human Rights Activists Urge Simplification of the Procedure for Obtaining Documents for the Displaced Roma

On April 8, 2015, the International Roma Day, representatives of non-governmental organizations urged authorities to pay attention to the problems of the displaced Roma. Statistics show that they are one of the most vulnerable categories of people living in Ukraine. This community, being one of the most discriminated social groups even in peacetime, is now subjected to double discrimination.


The admission of works for the 3rd International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries” is opening

Violations of human rights are more frequent now, in the state of military conflict, and freedom of expression is one of them. Justifying its law initiative aimed at curtailing the freedom of speech by information aggression, the government continues its attempts to impose censorship. It brings a threat to democratic development of Ukraine. This is why the 3rd International Contest "Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries" will be held under the slogan of Euromaidan “Human rights first”.


UHHRU Briefer #6 for March 2015, USAID Human Rights in Action Program

We would like to offer you the Briefer#6 of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union for March 2015 issued within USAID Human Rights in Action Program.


Blind Woman Won Lawsuit against Capital Tenant Builder

Visually handicapped person of the first category, Kyiv citizen H. P., won a lawsuit against the construction firm “Capital Realty Ltd.” which fraudulently aimed at selling her the partially constructed apartment


The European Court Commenced the Trial in the Case of Violent Abduction and Murder of People in Donbas

In this case, an issue of responsibility of Russia for separatists’ acts in the ATO area is raised for the first time. The case integrates 5 cases containing, in particular, complaints regarding freedom from torture, illegal capture and infringement of the right to life.


The Occupiers from the So-Called DNR/LNR Force Defendants to Waive Public Defenders

As it has become known to the UHHRU from its own sources, the system of free legal assistance in the occupied territories has completely ceased functioning.


Human Rights Defenders: Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No.79 Steps on the Rights of the Displaced Persons

USAID program «Human Rights in Effect», being introduced by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, conducted the press-conference concerning the adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of the Discrimination Regulation No. 79 on March 4, 2015 touching upon the questions on formalization and issuance of the Registration Certificates for persons displaced from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine or ATO areas.


How Are Decisions of UNO Committees Executed in Ukraine?

Summing up, a conclusion can be drawn about the lack of efficient mechanism of UN Committees’ decisions enforcement in Ukraine, which often causes the actual defiance of decisions made by these international agencies.


UHHRU Briefer #5 for February 2015, USAID Human Rights in Action Program


Report on the results of monitoring visit of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Right Union / Centre for Civil Liberties to the places of relocation of people who left the ATO zone (City of Odesa and Odesa Region)

Purpose of a visit: assessment of the situation in the field of children’s rights, gathering of facts about the crimes committed against children who were in the ATO zone and displaced to the safer regions (involvement in hostilities, abuse, forcing them to work, etc.).


Human Rights Defenders: Zhovten Cinema May Be Not the Last Victim of Hate Crimes

Human rights defenders assert: numerous questions arise with respect to Zhovten Cinema arson investigation. In particular, there is a question why law enforcers are not willing to recognize the obvious: the crime has been committed on the basis of hatred. And, probably, not just the detainees, but also a specific organization which won’t stop at this arson, stand behind it.


97-Year Old Woman Abased on Two Occasions the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the European Court

The European Court found on two occasions the violation of the right to a fair trial in the case of pensioner Mariia Bochan, in particular, due to the arbitrary interpretation of its decisions by the Supreme Court of Ukraine. As a result the State shall pay off Ms Bochan € 10 thousand. Human rights defenders point out: “Bochan vs Ukraine (No2)” is the first decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) with respect to Ukraine. This is an open hint to the national judges and government: “The decision of the European Court shall be abided.”


The Oschadbank Lviv Branch Has Robbed the Pensioners for More than UAH 1 Million

More than 50 pensioners became the victims of the Oschadbank Lviv Branch fraud. For the period of more than ten years people believed that they were depositing their money with the bank, and actually have pocketed up the speculators. The Bank does not admit the guilt and believes that it is not responsible for the actions of its employees committed on its behalf.


Human Rights Defenders Designate the Arrest of Ruslan Kotsaba as Persecution on Political Grounds

The arrest of Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba on suspicion of high treason and preventing legitimate activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations is the persecution on political grounds. This was stated today at the press-conference by the representatives of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.


Human Rights Defenders: Introduction of Certificate from Military Registration and Enlistment Office for Trips Abroad can Prejudice National Interests of Ukraine

The initiative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, demanding persons liable for call-up to have the certificate from military registration and enlistment office to travel abroad and even to leave region is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and valid legislation, perpetrates human rights and can prejudice national interests of Ukraine.

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