Human rights defenders promise to punish banks which discriminate the Crimeans

Banks ignore the court’s ruling according to which the Crimeans are considered residents again. This is reported by representatives of human rights institutions which have already received dozens of appeals from indignant displaced persons. Financial institutions keep discriminating the Crimeans by imposing demands which “normal” Ukrainians do not face. Human rights defenders are confident that the NBU could give an order to continue discrimination of the Crimeans, justifying this by their intention to appeal the stated ruling.


Human Rights Activists Urge Simplification of the Procedure for Obtaining Documents for the Displaced Roma

On April 8, 2015, the International Roma Day, representatives of non-governmental organizations urged authorities to pay attention to the problems of the displaced Roma. Statistics show that they are one of the most vulnerable categories of people living in Ukraine. This community, being one of the most discriminated social groups even in peacetime, is now subjected to double discrimination.


Human Rights Defenders: Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No.79 Steps on the Rights of the Displaced Persons

USAID program «Human Rights in Effect», being introduced by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, conducted the press-conference concerning the adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of the Discrimination Regulation No. 79 on March 4, 2015 touching upon the questions on formalization and issuance of the Registration Certificates for persons displaced from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine or ATO areas.


Human Rights Defenders: Zhovten Cinema May Be Not the Last Victim of Hate Crimes

Human rights defenders assert: numerous questions arise with respect to Zhovten Cinema arson investigation. In particular, there is a question why law enforcers are not willing to recognize the obvious: the crime has been committed on the basis of hatred. And, probably, not just the detainees, but also a specific organization which won’t stop at this arson, stand behind it.


New Victims Subjected to Discrimination by the National Bank of Ukraine

Human rights defenders state that the regulatory documents issued by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) divided people from the Crimea into three groups: the ones residing in the Crimea, internally displaced people and citizens having left the peninsula and residing in mainland Ukraine still having the Crimean residential registration. The challenges faced by people from the third group are caused by the short-sighted policy implemented by the NBU and are impossible to be settled because of inadequacy of the legislation in force.


Human Rights Defenders Will Bring the National Bank to Responsibility for Discrimination of the Crimeans

Human rights activists have appealed to the court to revoke unlawful provisions, contained in the NBU Resolution No. 669 On the Crimean Ukrainians and require compensation for moral damages in the amount of UAH 16 thousand, because now Crimeans are limited in their rights to use the basic banking services: opening accounts, foreign currency exchange, payments etc.


Positive Decisions In Favor of Positive People

International AIDS Day, December 1 - is not just an occasion to emphasize the living conditions and the prevalence of the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. The necessarily is arising to ask more critical question – how do HIV-positive people feel and whether are their rights protected?


Ukrainian courts are virtually inaccessible for people with limited mobility

The Ukrainian courts are virtually inaccessible for people with limited mobility, - this is the conclusion made by the coordinators of the Ukrainian campaign ‘Justice without barriers, who have recently published their findings after monitoring 72 Ukrainian courts in 16 Ukrainian oblasts. In addition to physical barriers, there are many meaningless rules and restrictions that make it difficult for citizens to exercise their right to a fair trial.


Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine Statement regarding the Equality

On 25 May Kyiv held an Equality March as part of the International LGBT Forum Festival Kyiv Pride 2013. The Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine welcomes the fact that the March took place and stresses the importance of this mass-scale peaceful gathering for affirming equal rights for the LGBT community in Ukraine.


On the Equality March planned for 25 May in Kyiv

The Without Borders Project has issued a statement in which it notes that the Equality March has been declared a human rights event demanding that members of Ukraine’s LGBT community are assured equal rights and opportunities. At the present time, its organizers are running up against threats from radical opponents, as well as problems agreeing a time and place for the march with the Kyiv City State Administration [KCSA].


Abandoned children: what the closed doors of institutions hide

The State is not capable of ensuring proper education; socialization and rehabilitation for children in institutions and therefore many of those leaving school orphanages cannot adapt in society and quite often become potential candidates for adult institutions.


Olaolu Femi released from SIZO after a year and a half’s detention on an absurd charge

Nigerian student Olaolu Sunkanmi Femi was on Wednesday, 17 April released from custody in the courtroom after 18 months in detention.


Health Ministry discriminates the disabled

A Vinnytsa couple with disabilities has come up against outrageous examples of discrimination. The husband and wife, who both have second group disability status, decided to adopt a child, but were stopped at the outset.


Human rights activists: fight against discrimination is only to con the EU

The Coalition against Discrimination in Ukraine asserts that anti-discrimination legislation in Ukraine is not being formulated to protect human rights, but merely for the purpose of visa liberalization with the European Union. The latest draft law from the Justice Ministry,which the public were not included in the discussion of, again fails to contain adequate effective mechanisms for defending victims.


Justice Ministry remains deaf to NGOs’ comments on anti-discrimination legislation

Human rights activists say that discrimination is a real problem in Ukraine which can affect anybody regardless of gender, age or state of health. As reported, the need to overcome it was pointed out by 40 UN member states during the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva in October 2012. Specialists in this field as well as people who have encountered discrimination in their own lives discussed the situation recently in Kyiv.

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