Human Rights Defenders: Introduction of Certificate from Military Registration and Enlistment Office for Trips Abroad can Prejudice National Interests of Ukraine

The initiative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, demanding persons liable for call-up to have the certificate from military registration and enlistment office to travel abroad and even to leave region is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and valid legislation, perpetrates human rights and can prejudice national interests of Ukraine.


UHHRU demands dismissal of Interior Minister and Minister for Infrastructure

Over the last week the media has buzzed with reports of how in Luhansk, Zaporizhya, Dnipropetrovsk and other Ukrainian cities, the police and transport service have obstructed people from freely travelling to Kyiv.


Named railway tickets an unwarranted restriction of people’s freedom

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has initiated an open appeal against the Ministry for the Infrastructure’s plan to bring in a system where people’s (internal) passport details are given on railway tickets.


Named railway tickets again planned

The Ministry of Infrastructure is planning to introduce changes to railway transport, including checks on passports (internal ID documents) both when buying tickets and when boarding a train. The Ministry states that it is introducing the relevant changes in a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, and claims that names on tickets are needed to stop ticket touts.


Passengers prepare to take Ukrainian Railways to court

Ukrzaliznytsa [Ukrainian Railways] should not only take money from passengers, but also answer for inconvenience caused by the bad quality of services. This was the tenor of an appeal initiated by Maxim Shcherbatyuk, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union lawyer who has long suffered from the reforms and “improvements” brought in by the monopoly holder It was endorsed by over 340 people.


Ukrainian electronic rail tickets incompatible with travel

Maxim Shcherbatyuk, UHHRU lawyer, relates his travel (or otherwise) experiences following the statements Ukrzaliznytsya [Ukrainian Railways] made throughout the country on 10 February. The public were told of unheard of progress in electronic ticket sales, with these making up 1% of all tickets sold at the present time. Maxim decided to try this wonderfully convenient method out.


Ukrainian Railways heed human rights organization’s objections to cuts

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received a letter from Ukrzaliznytsa [Ukrainian Railways] in response to its appeal on 5 December to reconsider its decision to cut a number of train routes. UHHRU stressed that in a country where many places have only rail connections and where most people do not have cars, this will have grave impact on people’s mobility.


Calls for modern system of registration

The President, Cabinet of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada will soon be receiving an appeal to reform the present practice of registering citizens. The appeal was drawn up by participants in a forum of civic organizations entitled “What rights does a person without an internal passport [an identification book]?” The forum was initiated by the Kirovohrad civic organization Territory of Success.

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