To save budget funds, victims of the Chornobyl disaster were unlawfully deprived of their rights

Over 70 citizens of the Region of Chernihiv, who were disabled due to the disaster at the ChNPS, have been unlawfully deprived the status of Chornobyl participants by the local government. Most of them suffer from thyroid cancer.


The Oschadbank Lviv Branch Has Robbed the Pensioners for More than UAH 1 Million

More than 50 pensioners became the victims of the Oschadbank Lviv Branch fraud. For the period of more than ten years people believed that they were depositing their money with the bank, and actually have pocketed up the speculators. The Bank does not admit the guilt and believes that it is not responsible for the actions of its employees committed on its behalf.


The Struggle for Recovery of Benefits to Widows of Rivne Military Servicemen: The First Results

The problems with state support of the military survivors have not arisen since the beginning of the ATO in Ukraine, and mass media continually reports about that. In fact the military survivors faced them earlier.


Housing and Communal Revolution: What Changes Should the Residents of Apartment Buildings Be Prepared for?

On July 29, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has passed to the Verkhovna Rada the draft law “On Housing and Public Utility Services", which completely destroys the old Soviet system of housing offices. Tetiana Zolotukhina, an expert of the Development Fund of the City of Nikolayev, explained in the public reception of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in Mykolaiv what we will get instead.


The National Bank Aggravates the Situation of the Crimeans and Establishes Extra Obligations for Them

Human rights activists claim that the attempt of National Bank to remedy the situation with discrimination of the Crimeans has resulted in new restrictions of their rights and established extra obligations. Furthermore, from now on banks are permitted to block and close not only corporate accounts but accounts of individual entrepreneurs as well.


Is It Worth to Unite to Protect the Employment Rights?

One could speak a lot on the injustice in the field of employment rights, dependence upon senior management, low salaries, illegal dismissals, however unfortunately until people unite and gain powerful remedies for their rights nothing will change.


How the National Border Guards Cash in on the Crimean Ukrainians

The human right activists record stream of applications from citizens of Ukraine who are leaving the occupied Crimea and face violation of their rights by Ukrainian border guards. Victims’ claim that they are required a written statement on “why the citizen Ukraine wants to move in Ukraine” and in the absence of such a certificate they do not shun a paper “certificate” with a picture of Hryhorii Skovoroda (a cash banknote of UAH 500.00).


The European Court Has Allowed Aviators to Strike. Are Railroad Workers, Doctors, and Civil Servants Next In Turn?

Employees of Ukrainian airlines obtained an opportunity to express indignation openly with actions of employers and to strike. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the case "Tymoshenko and others v. Ukraine" made a stand for aviators, while local servants of Themis previously thought that aviation industry is not a place for the labour rights protection. Even in connection with long term arrears of wages, inadequate working conditions, etc.


“The Authority Decided to Tighten Belts on Moms’ Bellies, Not on Ones of Deputies and Officials”

Today the meeting of mothers concerning decrease of the childbirth benefit and cancellation of the maternity benefit took place nearby the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Mothers are indignant at actions of the state related to saving money namely on children and not on deputies and officials and they demand to give them back that payoffs.


Maternity benefit for children up to 3 years old is officially cancelled

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received the letter from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with explanation for interruption of pay-out of the maternity benefit for child up to the age of three years since July 1, 2014.


The United Nations urged Ukraine to struggle with the crisis, not with the social guarantees

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights called on the Ukrainian officials to fight with the crisis without reducing social protection for disadvantaged Ukrainians. This is stated in the conclusive recommendations of the Committee.


Retired miner won a court case against the state for non-compliance with the Mining Law of Ukraine and was awarded a compensation of two thousand Euros

A 82-year-old resident of the city of Horlivka, who had been working as a miner for 13 years, won a case against Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights and was awarded 2,000 Euros for the refusal of the state to compensate his public utility costs.


Social and economic rights of Ukrainians will be protected at international level

If anyone asks, ‘What rights are violated most frequently in Ukraine?’ experts will answer in one voice: ‘Social and economic rights.’ Every day, many people approach human rights organizations asking for advice and assistance in restoring their labor and employment rights, recalculating their pensions, obtaining benefits, etc.


Who has an interest in banning independent heating in Ukraine?

A draft law is proposing to prohibit people from disconnecting themselves from the centralized heat distribution networks and centralized hot water supplier. Such disconnection is possible only if is permitted by the heating supply plans of the particular inhabited area. The Cabinet of Ministers is, in addition, proposing to introduce fines if people disconnect themselves from centralized heat distribution networks.


Aviation and rail workers face labour discrimination

In Ukraine it is quite common for written labour contracts to be drawn up in the transport sphere, including aviation and the railways. Employers effectively force their staff to sign such a contract the provisions of which have more negative, than positive consequences. They forget that a labour contract can be drawn up only with certain categories of staff.

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