What is being done to prevent crimes against children?

Over 80 thousand Ukrainian families, in which there are over 110 thousand children, are on police lists over ill-treatment of children. The victims of such treatment can bear terrible psychological scars, psychologists warn, while human rights activists point to a lack of systematic policy in this sphere.


Pit No. 8: Illegal Mines in Ukraine

The subject of illegal mines in Ukraine usually only attracts attention when the frequent disasters attract media attention. Their owners have been known to fill in mine openings without any real attempt to rescue men who may or may not have died in explosions underground (See Black gold mixed with blood).


All well with children’s rights in Luhansk?

In response to the President’s recent upbeat assurances about human rights in general, and the rights of the child in particular, Yulia Krasilnykova reports on the experience of an organization working directly to protect human rights.


Criminal liability needed for sexual exploitation of minors

La Strada Ukraine has issued a statement regarding bills recently tabled in parliament and the general situation regarding underage prostitution. They point out that international standards impose liability on those who entice minors into prostitution or use them sexually. In Ukraine the law presently envisages punishment for the minor, and this must be changed.


Disabled children win civil suit against the Cabinet of Ministers

The District Administrative Court in Kyiv has found unlawful and invalid the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 1015 from 12.11.2008 where it deprives disabled children of the right to an electrically powered wheelchair up till the age of 14.


Shameful abuse

The antics of various members of the rightwing party VO “Svoboda” [“Liberty Party”] have long made many of us wince, however the behaviour of one Lviv Regional Council member Iryna Farion at a kindergarten to mark Native Language Day warrants more than just disgust, but very serious measures from the authorities.


More on the new law against child pornography

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday passed in its final reading the Law “On amendments to some legislative acts (on countering the spread of child pornography)”. This legislates for the first time a definition of the crime and also introduces liability for its import, production and circulation of between 5 and 10 years imprisonment.


Internet Association of Ukraine: European approach needed in fighting child pornography

On 22 October the Verkhovna Rada passed as a base draft law No. 3271 from 25.05.2009 “On amendments and additions to some legal acts (on fighting the spread of child pornography)”. The draft law proposes stepping up measures to counter the spread of child pornography, including with the use of the possibilities offered by information and communication technology.


Ongoing debate regarding curfews for young people


Ukraine vs. Children: Whose side is the court on?

Ukraine’s laws do not help children to resolve their problems via the courts. Quite the contrary: the courts simply multiply these problems, deeply traumatizing children who are already in a difficult situation. International agreements which Ukraine has signed guarantee Ukrainian children a large range of rights however domestic legislation does not provide the mechanisms for exercising these rights. This is the conclusion reached by the Kharkiv “Civic Alternative Foundation” when analyzing Ukrainian legislation.


Unique Children’s Centre “Raduga” under threat

The Centre for Developing Children’s Creativity “Raduga” (“Rainbow”) was created by a group of volunteers from the cooperative enterprise “Starostin Cinema” and has been working in Odessa for the last 7 years. Hundreds of children from one and a half to 15, including children with congenital disorders, have had the opportunity to discover their abilities, painting skills, logic and mathematics, art and crafts. They have held exhibitions and festivals which attract full audiences. The smaller children have their own pre-school activities. “Raduga” students have received awards in numerous creative festivals and competitions. Children with serious health problems study at the Centre free of charge.


Courts not children-friendly

In December last year the Civic Initiative Foundation carried out an interesting investigation. It checked five courts in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region for their “child-friendliness”, i.e. how adapted they were to meet the specific needs of children who in some capacity needed to appear in court. The results were not cheering, with a number of aspects identified which make the courts a daunting place for these young people


So where will the investigation into the Chyhyryn incident lead the Human Rights Ombudsperson’s Secretariat?

The question arises due to the appearance of ever more curious details about the Ombudsperson’s investigation into the incident in which members of the Party of the Regions took schoolchildren from the Cherkasy region to a political rally in Kyiv.


Children’s homes must not be the only possible form of rehabilitation for children with disabilities

“All different – all equal” – this is the credo of the “Coalition to defend the rights of the disabled and people with learning difficulties”. Unfortunately this credo is seldom reflected in Ukrainian legislation, and many children with disabilities and their parents are left to deal with their problems alone


The Money is not reaching children in need through officials’ mismanagement

Some of the hard-hitting criticism of attempts ineptly managed to provide decent conditions for orphans and children deprived of parental care issued by the Ukrainian Accounting Chamber.

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