Conflicting views on new Constitutional Assembly

A Presidential Decree which appeared on the official website on Thursday evening creates a “Constitutional Assembly” – a consultative-advisory body under the President which is supposed to prepare amendments to the Constitution.


Courts under the spotlight of constitutional reform

Who should elect or appoint judges? What measures are needed to ensure judges’ independence? These are among the crucial questions pertaining to vital judicial reform considered in this article


So is it the beginning of a legitimate constitutional process?

On the newly formed National Constitutional Council, its less than inspiring first meeting and why the constitutional process must continue


A Political Sandpit

You think that there are no rules hanging above a kindergarten sandpit because the kiddies can’t read? Not at all. Children are very different. Take Vadik, for example, he reads quite fluently. It’s just that when he feels like a go on the scooter, and Vitka stubbornly refuses to understand how much he feels like it, forget the rules. A quick bash on the head, and the scooter is his.


Opinion of human rights protection activists about the Constitutional reform

Human rights activists together with professors and specialist in constitutional law considers the proposed constitutionla reform as a spet back on a way to rule of law states.

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