Human Rights Activists along with the Representatives of the Ombudsman Inspect the Respect for the Rights of Children and Check the Information on the Holding of Hostages in the ATO


No place for torture in the Ukrainian police!

In the city centre, near the Khreshchatyk metro station, a magnetic puzzle was set up with the silhouette of a police officer waving a stick. People could sign a petition against torture, taking away a fragment of the puzzle and opening a part of the concealed picture.


Ukraine to pay almost half a million EUR for beating prisoners

The European Court of Human Rights has found Ukraine guilty of beating prisoners from the Izyaslav Prison in 2007. The State will have to pay the victims 435 thousand EUR in compensation. It should be noted that the Department for the Execution of Sentences asserted that there had been no beatings.


The European Court has its opinion, the Chernihiv Prosecutor another...

Viktor Tarasov reports that the Desnyansk District Court in Chernihiv has yet again cancelled the decision issued by the Prosecutor’s Office to terminate criminal cases over the bodily injuries inflicted by police officers on Mykhailo Koval and his family. The Prosecutor’s Office has been ordered to reinstate the case.


Harrowing reality of a Ukrainian home for the severely disabled

In at least one Ukrainian home for children with serious medical problems children have to be bound to their beds; some have not been outside for years and there can be as few as one carer to 14 children. This is the situation in Ladyzhyn in the Vinnytsa oblast. Hryhory Zubkov, the home’s Director explains:


Territory of torture in Ukraine’s SIZO

The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture [CPT] will shortly be presenting Ukraine’s government with its recommendations regarding Ukrainian SIZO [pre-trial isolation units]. One of the members of the recent delegation told the Deutsche Welle Ukrainian Service that dialogue was coming along “slowly”.


ECHR awards victims of Chernihiv police torturers 35 thousand EUR

Profoundly frustrating that it is the taxpayers who will pay for yet another case involving lawless behaviour by police officers and failure by the authorities to investigate and prosecute the culprits.


Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Ukraine

The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) published today the report on its most recent visit to Ukraine, in November/December 2011, together with the response of the Ukrainian authorities. The main objective of the visit was to examine the treatment of persons detained by the police.


Questionable “witness” in the ever more questionable Olaola Femi trial

In the trial of Nigerian student Olaola Femi who is charged with attempted murder after attempting to defend himself against a racist attack the pace has increased considerably.


People frightened of complaining of police torture

The Kharkiv Institute for Social Research estimates as many as 900 cases of ill-treatment in police custody a year. Human rights workers believe that the majority of victims are afraid to report what happened to them.


Ukraine’s “psycho-neurological institutions” – out of sight, out of mind …

Andriy Chernousov has written a shocking analysis of the situation with Ukraine’s so-called “psycho-neurological institutions” for people with serious psychological disorders usually making them unable to cope by themselves. There are 151 such institutions in Ukraine with their residents forgotten and helpless. The author writes that the public have fenced themselves off from them through physical distance, fences, and labels.


Without torture cases don’t get to the court

According to a survey carried out by the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research, together with the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, every 40 seconds a person suffers from unlawful violence at the hands of Ukraine’s police.


First Amnesty International letter-writing marathon with a Ukrainian prisoner

The Ukrainian Section of Amnesty International will be holding a letter-writing marathon with letters written in support of people from different countries whose rights are being violated.


ECHR: Number of cases over torture on the increase

The European Court of Human Rights Judgement in the Case of Nechiporuk and Yonkalo v. Ukraine became final on 21 July 2011. As reported, the case involved a person being tortured and no proper investigation being carried out. Radio Svoboda spoke about the case, and the urgent need for an adequate means of reacting to the issue of torture by police officers with Valeria Lutkovska, Government Representative on European Court of Human Rights matters and Executive Secretary of the Commission on Prevention of Torture.


Police Stations – Scene of Crime

The government has reinstated public councils attached to law enforcement departments. These were dissolved when Anatoly Mohylyov became Minister of Internal Affairs with the change of government in 2010. Experts from the Association of Ukrainian Monitors of Human Rights Observance by the Police [the Association] are convinced that public monitoring of police activities partially protects citizens from police lawlessness.

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