The Ukrainian Church just begins realizing its public role

The problem of relations of religious organizations and politics has been troubling the society long since, but during the recent presidential election in Ukraine it was aggravated the most – representatives of churches were actively involved into the presidential campaign, the government used the authority of church as a tool of political struggle.


Disagreement of experts as a guarantee of religious freedom

On Friday at the round-table discussion “Church and politics” religion researches, journalists, representatives of religious organizations and experts-lawyers were trying to save religious organizations from political struggle and other temptations to break the law. Of course in the future, since the last election campaign was commonly characterized by the illegal participation of religious organizations and their officials in the political struggle from both sides. Attempts to work out mutual recommendations of experts were lost in the diversity of proposals, though everyone agreed that church’s participation in politics LIKE THAT is not good either from the viewpoint of morality, or from the viewpoint of law.


End of the State Committee for Religions?

Recently President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has declared his intention to start shortening of the state committees from the State Committee of Ukraine for Religions. According to Yushchenko, the government is not to carry out a special policy regarding religious confessions, and it’s up to each individual in what church to pray. However, President said nothing about the way everything will be performed further.

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