12 million Ukrainians do not reach the minimum subsistence level

23% of Ukrainians in urban areas and every third person – 38% - in rural areas receive incomes lower than the minimum subsistence level.


Concern for Yakov Strogan, victim of police torture

Information has been received from Yakov Strogan’s lawyer suggesting that the police are organizing his client’s arrest. The only grounds for taking him into custody would be that he has been convicted previously. The police are failing to take into account the fact that over the last 5 years he has lived in Kharkiv without any problems with the law and has certainly not been hiding from the police.


Ukraine will after all be presented at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony on Friday

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson has stated that Ukraine will be represented at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony on 10 December by the First Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway, Iryna Bilorus. He stated that the Ambassador himself is in Ukraine for a meeting and will not therefore be present, but that he had agreed with the Nobel Committee that Iryna Bilorus would attend.


Court refuses to order repeat investigation into death of Ihor Indylo in police custody

The Desnyansky District Court in Kyiv on Wednesday rejected an application to send the criminal investigation against two officers of the Shevchenkivsky District Police Station back for additional investigation. The officers are accused of involvement in the death in the police station of young student, Ihor Indylo.


Channel 5 demands that those who obstructed its journalists be punished

The Channel 5 team has issued an open letter over the incident with their filming crew on Saturday 27 November. The letter is to President Yanukovych, Prime Minister Azarov and the Speaker of Parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn.


UEFA take heed! Workmen may be fired for demanding to be paid

Around 100 workers from the construction company “Komfortbud” who are working on building the Euro 2012 Stadium in Lviv 26 November called a strike. Their grounds are hardly unreasonable – they haven’t been paid for three months.


Court again bans mass events in the centre of Kyiv

The District Administrative Court in Kyiv has now banned mass events in the centre from 27 November to 3 December.


Criminal investigation initiated against peaceful Tax Code protesters

The Shevchenkivsk District Police Department in Kyiv has initiated a criminal investigation over the blocking of the road part of two central streets by demonstrators protesting on 22 November against the Tax Code passed last week. This was stated at a press briefing on Wednesday by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Viktor Ratushnyak.


UHHRU demands that parliamentarians reinstate Ukrainians right to a pension

Due to lack of action by National Deputies, Ukrainians who have gone abroad are having their right to a pension infringed. A person who has played social security all their life and earned the right to a pension, cannot receive it outside the country, since there is no legislative base for this.


Law enforcement officers used force against Igor Koktysh

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Korolyovsky District in Zhytomyr has initiated a criminal investigation against the law enforcement officers who allegedly used violence against Belarusian national Igor Koktysh, his wife and friends.


Trial to begin of police officers accused of “negligence” over Ihor Indylo’s death

The newspaper Segodnya reports that on Friday, 12 November, the court trial over the death in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivsky Police Station of young student, Ihor Indylo is scheduled to begin.


New harassment of historian?

According to a statement from the Research Centre of the Liberation Movement, the Sumy regional authorities are putting pressure on the head of the local archives, historian Hennady Ivanushchenko. The statement says that over the last five months the local authorities have been looking for reasons to dismiss Ivanushchenko.


SBU says questioning of civic activists was lawful

In a letter to the NGO Democratic Alliance, the Security Service [SBU] has claimed that all meetings took place “solely on the basis, within the framework of their powers and in a manner envisaged by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine”.


ARTICLE 19: Parliament Must Adopt Crucial Law on Access to Public Information without Delay

ARTICLE 19 and International Media Support (IMS) urge the Ukrainian Parliament to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and public accountability by adopting a new Access to Public Information Law. The law had been scheduled for consideration on 2 November, but was unexpectedly removed.


Amnesty International: Ukraine must stop harassment of trade union activist

Amnesty International has urged the Ukraine authorities to stop the harassment of a trade union activist who remains in hiding after a court ordered him to undergo a forced psychiatric examination last week.

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