Public Committee against Political Persecution in Ukraine


The Committee is a non party, apolitical association of human rights defenders from the Soviet period, (Yevhen Sverstyuk; (Myroslav Marynovych; Josif Zisels; Vasyl Ovsiyenko; Iryna Rapp; Yevhen Zakharov) and from today's Ukraine. Its members and staff are not affiliated to a party, and in the event of their participation in parliamentary elections will cease their membership of the Committee. New members may join the Committee at the proposal of one of the current members on condition that none of the others objects. Any such veto must be explained. The members of the Committee may be employees of the Committee's apparatus.

The Committee will defend all those subjected to political persecution in Ukraine, regardless of their race, skin colour, sex, citizenship, ethnic or social origin, financial or other position, job, type and nature of activities, place of residence, language, religious, party membership, political or other views.

The sources of information about political persecution shall be: information received directly by members of the Committee; reports of events from the Internet, social networks, human rights mailings and other resources, as well as direct appeals regarding persecution which appear politically motivated to the address given by the Committee (khpg[et]

The working apparatus of the Committee is made up of information, analysis and monitoring groups and the organizing group for campaigns. If needed, a fund will be created to help victims of political persecution. This will invite experts, lawyers to represent victims, provide material assistance to their families (where needed), etc.

Political Persecutions in modern Ukraine 2011

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Document # 2: Definition of categories applying to political persecution 

Document # 3: Public Committee against Political Persecution: Persecution of members of the former government for governmental decisions

Document # 4: Failure to provide Yury Lutsenko with Medical Care constitutes Inhuman Treatment 


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