What Public Information Act?


A survey carried out by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation has found that over half the population (52%) know nothing about the Law on Access to Information voting for the Party of the Regions feel little need to make formal information requests, unlike supporters of Tymoshenko;s BYUT or VO Svoboda;

Only a small percentage = 13% - had ever sent information requests to the authorities or other state organizations,, while a little more than a third (36.5%) of those who had sent information requests had received a substantive response. Almost half (45.5%) had received answers which were merely fob-offs, while 18% had received no answer at all.

The main reason why people had not sent information requests was that they didn't see a need (62%). However 23% had not sent them since they didn't expect to get a satisfactory response.

Over half the population (52%) know nothing about the adoption of a Law on Access to Information; 36.5% had heard something about it, but did not know exactly; only 11% knew the basic provisions of the Law. People in the South knew least (64%) with this figure in the Crimea reaching 89%.

Almost half (48%) are quite sceptical about the chances of the Law making the authorities more transparent and less corrupt.

Only 3% had already sent information requests, with 1.4% having already received answers. Another 8% were planning to do so. Willingness to send them did not depend on age, gender, level of education. It was highest in the North, lowest in the East, and was influenced by previous experience of sending such requests for information.

The survey was carried out between 10 and 17 August by the Democratic Initiatives together with the Razumkov Centre. Respondents were selected to be representative of the country, and the margin of error no greater than 2.3%, with the likelihood of 0.96%

Abridged from the press release at http://dif.org.ua/ua/press/joeroweihop



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