Police name the main versions for the attack on journalist Oleksandr Vlashchenko

джерело: www.imi.org.ua
The Ministry of Internal Affairs [MIA] has stated that it is monitoring the investigation into the attack on the 25-year-old Mykolaiv journalist. Oleksandr Vlashchenko is still in hospital with a bullet lodged in his head.

The police, as reported, have initiated a criminal investigation into the attack and attempted murder of the young journalist. They inform that control over it is being carried out by the management of the MIA department for the Mykolaiv region.

They are at presently examining two possible motives: either robbery (as reported already, although mobile telephones and a camera were stolen, money in Oleksandr’s pocket was not – translator), or attempted murder in connection with the journalist’s professional activities.


The police say that since there had been no previous reports from Mr Vlashchenko that he had been threatened over his professional activities, they are asking any members of the member of wider public to contact them if they have information suggesting that the attack was due to his professional activities.


Oleksandr Vashchenko from the city newspaper “Nashe Misto Mykolaiv” and the Internet publication Novosti-N.mil.ua was attacked late in the evening of 16 October as he returned home on foot. The assailant shat at the journalist, wounding Oleksandr in the head.  His bag was taken, containing a work camera and two mobile phones. 


Oleksandr’s father has said that his son was in hospital for a month earlier, following an attack on him.


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