Money Programme journalist attacked


On 26 September two assailants beat up journalist from the TV programme “Hroshi” [Money] on 1 + 1, Dmytro Volkov. According to Maxim Shylenko, Head of the 1 + 1 Investigative Department, he is in hospital with injuries to the jaw and bruising around the head. A tomogram has been taken.


Dmytro Volkov left work on Wednesday evening, and feeling that he was being followed, changed his normal route.  He reached his home and saw the same person whom he’d noticed near his work. Then another young man crossed in front of him, said “You won’t go to Vyshhorod any more” and punched him.  The journalist lost consciousness and only came to after passers-by called him an ambulance.

Maxim Shylenko says that over the last several months Dmytro has been working on “deriban” – appropriation of state property, here land – in the Vyshhorod  district and the journalist believes the attack is connected with this.

Maxim Shylenko says that his colleague has been working with a large number of people and doesn’t suspect anyone in particular.  The set up he’s been investigating involves officials from the lowest to highest levels.

The police say that they are investigating and that the case is under the control of the Minister. 



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