Criminal investigation into attack on Tetyana Chornovil


The Lviv Regional Police have announced that a criminal investigation has been initiated into the violence against journalist and parliamentary candidate Tetyana Chornovil. The investigation is under Article 296 § 2 of the Criminal Code (« hooliganism »).

As reported, Tetyana Chornovil learned that 100 thousand leaflets purporting to be from her and asking for money to be placed in an account, and went to the village of Mshana where the leaflets had been handed out from three cars. She found the cars and some of the leaflets and got into one of the cars to try to prevent them from leaving before the police arrived. Both she and her assistant were attacked.

Ms Chornovil also believed that the people whom the police soon afterwards caught apparently red-handed were probably sent there to take the cop. She did not believe the Lviv residents caught were those responsible, since the latter had spoken Russian which is not usual for Lviv.

The police say that they are trying to establish the identify of the people responsible and also where the fake material was printed. They are also awaiting the results of an examination assessing the severity of the injuries received.



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