UNIAN editors accuse General Director of censorship

джерело: www.telekritika.ua

Five editors of the UNIAN website have accused General Director Vadim Osadchy of censorship.


In a statement released on 25 October they wrote that Osadchy had told two editors – Lyubov Zhalovaha and Valentina Romanenko – that on the basis of an official note from the head of the UNIAN Internet project Mykola Kondratenko each was to be fined 200 UAH (roughly 20 EUR) for posting a news story.  This was preceded by an order to remove the news item about a picket outside the President’s Administration in defence of the Bilichansk Forest.  They assert that the conversation with Kondratenko and Osadchy boiled down to the question: “Why are you getting at Yanukovych?”

They write that after our statement indicating that we intended to make public the content of the conversation and of cases of censorship on the site, the management, sensing the consequences for them, at first retreated, then began resorting to blackmail”

“We were aware that with the change of management the rules of play would also change, however tried as much as we could to maintain the face of the site in the hope that the situation was temporary and of better times. We hope that with this statement we are doing precisely that – bringing better times closer”.

The statement is signed by the Senior Site Editor Lyubov Zhalovaha and editors Valentina Romanenko; Natalia Ovdiyenko; Roman Romanyuk and Natalia Nehrei.

The General Director Vadim Osadchy has thus far refused Telekritika’s request to comment on the situation. 



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