CEC Head wants judges who allowed Zasukha’s “victory” punished

автор: Information about the CEC meeting from Ukrainska Pravda

The Head of the Central Election Commission Volodymyr Shapoval said at a meeting of the CEC on Sunday that he would be approaching the High Council of Justice regarding possible breach of oath by the judges who declared the voting at 27 polling stations in single-mandate electoral district No. 94 invalid.

He said that he would be initiated an application regarding the judges of the Kyiv District Administrative Court who passed the decision.

He noted the judgement by the European Court of Human Rights in case of Kovach v. Ukraine in which the Court found the annulment of the voting at four polling stations to have been invalid.

The appeal against the court ruling, logded by the United Opposition, was also due to be heard on Sunday. According to the Front for Change Press Service (one of the parties in the United Opposition)around 70 voters are also lodging appeals.

As reported, in Election District No. 94 (Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast), United Opposition candidate Viktor Romanyuk was in the lead, however a court allowed a number of suits from Party of the Regions candidate Tetyana Zasukha. The OPORA summary of the law suits can be found here http://khpg.org/index.php?id=1351776706

The Administrative Court of Appeal agreed to declare void the results of voting at 28 polling stations where Romanyuk held the lead, and the district election commission [DEC] announced Tetyana Zasukha, wife of the former Governor of the oblast the winner.


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