Civic activist? Psychiatrists are already in wait!

автор: Marina Hovorukhina

Attention, people!  Find out about syndromes of psychological abnormality: accessibility of contact; emotional energy level; initiative; conviction that the housing and communal services system needs to be changed; strength of conviction.

According to the psychiatrists’ assessment of Raisa Radchenko, the majority of civic activists in the near future should be forcibly given psychiatric hospital care.

Let’s see the doctors’ arguments:

Contactable, with correct comprehensive orientation

No comment.

Emotionally charged, determined

Are you emotionally charged? Stop it immediately! It’s dangerous!

“Stenichnist” is an individual’s ability to long-term uninterrupted activity without getting tired, even without sleeping, for several days.  This is a clear indicator of an illness which requires immediate isolation from the public.

Exactly and in detail describes her situations of conflict

Shocking abnormality!

At the same time overestimating her possibilities, regards her actions as absolutely correct

Here politicians begin to get nervous about their pre-election promises to improve and develop the country.

She informs that staff of the district police station should establish order, and I only called them

Well of course the police don’t have to establish order, they have other functions!

She outlines in detail what kind of reforms should be carried out in the housing sphere

At this point the doctors should head off to forcibly hospitalize the entire staff of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction together with the Minister, Hennadiyy Temnyk.

She states with pride that she submitted a programme of reform to the Ministry

Now citizens should realize how and where their initiatives could end.

Exactly, at the psychiatric clinic!

And the main thing! She won’t be convinced

Are you still not convinced that we’re right?  Then we’re coming for you!