Education becomes an action that is aimed at the protection and advocacy of human rights, if DIDACTICS is used to defend human rights, because the educational process allows: TOKNOWwhathumanrights are, whatmechanismsareused to defend them and how everyone can stand up for and protect their rights;to be able  tonotice the problems of the violation of human rights and act effectively to resolve such problems;to have practical skills to achieve the intended outcomes and change the situation for better through  the compassion, initiative and activity in the sphere of human rights observance; andto form a personal position on the basis of knowledge and experienceon relevant issues of human rights observance. It also gives grounds TO ACT CONSCIOUSLY WHILE RESPECTING AND TAKING INTO ACCOUNT OTHER VIEWS.  

Examplesofactions, campaigns and projects of young activists who underwent training within the framework of the program

Aftertheschoolsforyoungactiviststheirparticipantscarriedout projects, held actions and campaigns in support of human rights. Bellow is a brief description of thementioned projects results.

The Thirty-Second of May

SuchatitlewasgiventotheThirdNightFestivalofSocialFilmsforYouth, whichwasheldinLuhans’k. The Film Festival was dedicatedtotheInternationalChildren’sDay. Theinitiators of the Festival engaged film-makers in order to pay the attention of the society towards the violation of children’s rights and to the mechanisms of their protection, to involve young people in the activity of non-governmental organizations that work in the sphere of children’s rights protection, and to pay the attention of the society towards the problem of refugee children and of those children, who seek shelter in Ukraine.

All-UkrainianActionon the Commemoration of the Victims of Ukrainian Law Enforcement Officers

OnJune25, ontheeveoftheUNInternationalDayagainstTorture, activistsfromKyivandsixotherregionsofUkraineerectedimprovisedcommemorativestelesinfrontofthebuildingsofthelawenforcementagencies of Ukraine(theMinistryofInteriorandregionaldepartments),andlaidredflowersatthefoot of the steles. In such a way the community honored the victims of tortures executed by law enforcement agents. The victims of tortures and their relatives also joined the action. The participants of the action publicly handed over the petition with their demands on the efficient investigation of the cases of tortures to the executive personnel of the law enforcement bodies.

Judicial Protection of an Access to Drug Stores of Persons with Disabilities

Legalactionswithintheframeworkofthisprojectarethefirststepinastrategicsuitaimedattheensuringofafreeaccesstodrugstoresofpersonswithdisabilitiesand therepresentativesoflimitedmobility groups. The results of activities carried out in Dnipropetrovs’k may be applied by any person in Ukraine, because they constitute a particular algorithm. This includes a statement of claim template and recommendations regarding actions that can be undertaken by activists in other regions of Ukraine.

YourRights: KnowandUse Them

InconsequenceofinformationandeducationalactionsofactivistsfromKharkiv,thereweredevelopedinformationalmaterialsto easilyexplain what can be done in cases of illicit actions of law enforcement agencies. Information materials were distributed during the actions, which were joined by the victims of illegal detentions. The activities were held as a response to a number of events connected with illegal actions or acts of omission of the representatives of state authorities, which duty is to defend the law.These events include the murder of a young student Ihor Indylo in one of the departments of the Ministry of Interior of Ukrainein May 2010 and a number of incidents involving activists, who defended GorkyiParkin Kharkiv etc.

Accordingtoinitiatorsoftheactions, theinformationabouthumanrightsandthemechanismsoftheirprotectionshouldbeclearto any person. It should not be spread solely through official sources.  Only in such a case the knowledge rendered by means of the information may be applied on the practical level.  

CivilCampaignagainstthe Curfew LawinSimferopol

Thecampaignconsistedofmassactionsandlegalactions(theinitiationofalawsuit) aimedatthecancellationofSimferopol’ LocalCouncilDecreethatconstrainschildrenfrombeingonthestreetsin the late hours of the night. The action participants expressed their own opinion about the legitimacy and reasonability of such limitations and reminded of their own views that had to be considered.  

TheAll-UkrainianActiontitled‘DefendYourselfonYourOwn’or a Yellow Card to Police Officers from the Youth of Ukraine

OnSeptember1 youngactivistsheldawidespread action titled ‘Defend Yourself on Your Own’, which was dedicated to the International Knowledge Day. The action organizers considered the action as a forced measure, a response to systematic violations of human rights by the representatives of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.Near morethanthirtyeducationalestablishmentsactivistsgaveoutyellowcardstoyoungpeople. The yellow cards contained information about the rights, which should be observed by police officers, when they detain someone. In order to attract attention, young activists held theatrical performances, street dramatized “lectures” and skits, carried out thematic activities in educational establishments etc. In many cities the actions were joined by teachers and lecturers.  

Examplesofactivitiescarried out by the participants of the Course for journalists, which is still in progress at present

Journalists in support of human rights

Thejournalists, whotakepartintheeducationalcourse‘RoleofJournalisminHumanRightsAdvocacyandSupport’, become real partners of civil activists in human rights advocacy. Due to professional writing together with an ability to identify problems of the violation of human rights, journalists’ reportages and materials have become more effective and have had a stronger impact on the relevant social issues.

Journalistic activity combined with an active citizenship has become one of the most important achievements. For example, one of the participants initiated and signed a public petition concerning the pressure of STB TV-channel editorial stuff at journalists and a hidden censorship of journalistic articles.

At present the journalists, who participate in the Course, do a distant session consisting of two stages. They write an essay and conduct a journalistic research on the chosen problem of human rights, work on the corresponding thematic publications. The implementation of the first stage of the distant session has received high evaluation of the experts. 

Examples of activities carried out by the participants of the Course ‘School is a Territoryof Human Rights

School is a Territory of Human Rights

ElevenschoolsthatparticipateintheCourse ‘SchoolisaTerritoryofHumanRights’haveinitiatedactivitiesaimedattheestablishment of the atmosphere of respect for human rights in their educational establishments. The schools analyze their internal regulatory documents and introduce amendments to them, reform procedures of decision making providing all the participants of an educational process with a possibility to be engaged in them. The schools introduce optional courses and subjects that give basic knowledge on human rights. In certain schools there are held thematic events dedicated to human rights protection and advocacy, summer schools are carried out for students and the corresponding work is held with parents and teaching staff.

The participants of the second Course start the same activity. It is a specialized Course. The schools that take part in the Course are for children at risk (such as children in conflict with law, and children with deviant behavior). These are schools of social rehabilitation and schools of penal colonies.

Examplesofactivities carried out by the participants of the Courses for the personnel of law enforcement agencies and of the penitentiary system

Teaching human rights within the framework of the penitentiary system and law enforcement agencies

Afterthetrainingtheofficialsofstateinstitutionsworkwith thepersonnelofpenalcolonies, withthestudentsofhighereducationalestablishmentsandlawenforcementagenciesinordertoapprobateeducational courses that are developed at present.

Examplesofactionsof civil activists who are the participants of the HumanRightsSchoolin the interests of persons with disabilities

Actions in the interests of persons with disabilities

Together with the National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine there was held the monitoring of the observance of human rights in the boarding schools for children with disabilities established under the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine. The seminar participants initiate other actions in support of the rights of persons with disabilities. The participants of the specialized training titled ‘A Strategic Discrimination Lawsuits’ work on the development of the strategy of legal actions.